Historic timeline of Foreign Trade Zones milestones, both nationally and regionally

June 1934
The FTZ Act is enacted to ‘expedite and encourage’ international trade.”
June 1935
Board Order No. 1 is signed by the Secretary of Commerce, establishing regulations for the FTZ Board.”
July 1935
President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs an executive order directing government agencies to cooperate with the FTZ Board.”
January 1936
FTZ 1 (New York) is established.”
June 1950
FTZ Act is amended to allow manufacturing in zones.”
March 1953
First subzone is established temporarily in San Francisco (FTZ 3) for exhibition of foreign merchandise.”
August 1961
Toledo Foreign Trade Zone begins operations on a 5.5-acre site on the Toledo harbor owned by the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority; Port of Toledo receives goods via the St. Lawrence Seaway.”
The FTZ Act is enacted to “Ohio Valley Foreign Trade Conference formed to develop international trade on the Ohio River from Pittsburgh to Cairo, Ill.”
March 1975
Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce votes to proceed with the preparation of an application to the Foreign Trade Zone Board of the U.S. to create a Foreign Trade Zone in the Greater Cincinnati area. The recommendation refers to the 14 existing FTZs in the United States.”
January 1979
Foreign Trade Zone 46 (Ohio) and Foreign Trade Zone 47 (Kentucky) are established, as authorized by Board Order #141.”
March 2011
Reorganization of FTZ 46 under alternative-site framework is completed.”
August 2011
Reorganization of FTZ 47 under alternative-site framework with service area to Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties is completed.”


FTZ enabling legislation by state