Greater Cincinnati Foreign Trade Zone, Inc. (GCFTZ) — Greater Cincinnati Foreign Trade Zone, Inc. was established in 1979 as grantee of FTZ 46 and 47. The nonprofit organization operates under the direction of a 10-member board of directors, whose members represent regional international business and economic development leadership. Grantee responsibilities include implementing zone schedules, assisting current and prospective users in zone activation, reporting to federal agencies, and marketing the FTZ to companies that would benefit from the zone. As required by the FTZ Act, grantees are required to operate the zone as a “public utility” with “fair and reasonable” fees and provide “uniform treatment under like conditions” to all parties that seek to use the zone. In 2014, GCFTZ contracted with the Port Authority to provide management, marketing, and governance services forFTZ 46 and 47.

Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority (Port Authority) – The Port Authority is an independent, economic-development agency created to proactively seek and carry out projects that increase jobs, attract and retain residents, and add to the region’s prosperity. The Port Authority has broad development-related powers and expertise that allow it to take on complex projects that catalyze private investment. Port Authority initiatives enhance cargo-related opportunities, develop industrial and commercial real estate, enhance trade and economic development, and boost competitiveness of area businesses in collaboration with regional economic development partners. The Port Authority is the point of contact for prospective zone users.